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Access Control Systems

Bio-metric Access Control Systems

Manage and Control Access within your Premises

Today, more than ever before, it is important to have only authorized people gain access to secure areas within your premises or facility.

Bio-metric Access Control Systems, with its recognition capabilities (facial, fingerprint or iris), ensures that only individuals permitted to gain access to restricted areas in your facility, are granted access.

It reduces the False Acceptance Rate (granting access to unauthorized people) and False Rejection Rate (rejecting access to authorized people). It provides tighter security because there is no card to lose, no key to steal, no password to forget, and no badge to lend out because the human recognition features (facial, fingerprint or iris) are unique and cannot be lost, borrowed or stolen. The cost of maintaining the system is also very minimal.

With the few benefits stated above, ICT managers, facility managers, and security personnel have exact records of who goes where and when.

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