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Surveillance Systems

CCTV & Alarm Systems

Keep Watch over your Premises and Assets

Secure your Perimeter with our Surveillance Solutions. Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Alarms systems provide reliable and high quality safety solution for our clients.

CCTV is essentially a basic electronic surveillance system comprising cameras and monitors which enables the officer to monitor all areas of coverage sensitized by cameras either in isolation or linked. It can be integrated in such a way that once an intruder is noticed or identified by the passive infrared (PR) motion detector an alarm goes on automatically.

The cameras are installed within and outside the premises would commence transmission of signals to the monitor or to the recorder. The provision of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) makes recording of entire events happening around such sensitized areas a reality. The film could be retrieved and played back to identify would be oppressors or offer scenes of problems. The multiplexed enables the monitor to display all the cameras at the same time and offers the facility to display one picture full-screen., should this be necessary.

Generally the CCTV enables the operator to see and control at close range all happenings around your banking hall, offices, homes, counting rooms, vaults and other sensitive areas without necessarily manning it with visible sides.

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